Monday, September 6, 2010

A peanut butter/chocolate kind of thing

Liz Strauss had a great blog post earlier and I wanted to share it, because it really resonated with me. In fact, I feel like it relates to a concept that I discussed on this past week. A total "your peanut butter and my chocolate" kind of thing.

Liz talks about being passionate, connected, and making things seamless with work and the personal side of one's life. I talk about living vicariously through the pets in our lives and how it teaches us to "be". In doing so, I stay connected to what is important, stay joyful and motivated, because I know that these pets depend on me, too.

Liz's post really fits with staying motivated, I think. too.


Lorrie Shaw is a professional pet sitter, regular pets contributor to and pet blogger in Dexter Twp, MI. She participates in Motivated Mondays along with writer, speaker, mountain bike rider and author of Backroads & Byways Of Arizona, Jackie Dishner. #MotivatedMondays on Twitter is a culmination of inspirational notes, blogs and tips to help motivate and get other ready for each week after the weekend lull - or anytime.

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