Sunday, August 22, 2010

OPS - Other People's Success

Yes, it's great to help others, succeed at something that you love to do, to be appreciated, to be acknowledged by others... all of the good stuff that comes with success - whatever that word means to you. One of the most uplifting things for me though, is to witness someone else gaining ground.

I love the energy that people radiate when they've tackled something daunting. The process that they follow. The journey that the had to take. The failures (I prefer the phrase "learning experiences"), the breakthroughs. Witnessing someone transform into the more confident person that they weren't sure that they could become to begin with.

flickr photo courtesy of Horia Varlan
Whether I am talking to someone who has just started their business, or a seasoned professional who is embarking on a new challenge - and they are achieving their goal, it's great. Or, it could be a simple thing like learning to knit, or something bigger like conquering a deep-rooted fear of [insert word here].

Seeing their buoyancy after crossing that threshold of uncertainty is powerful.

Paying attention to others, and being genuinely interested in what is going on in their lives, listening - is an excellent asset
to have. Simply by being in the midst of, and picking the brains of others who are experiencing everyday successes is an empowering thing. It's motivating - it really gives me a sense of urgency to shift my focus a bit, or work that much harder to get up the ladder that I'm climbing.

Lorrie Shaw is a professional pet sitter, regular pets contributor to and pet blogger in Dexter Twp, MI. She participates in Motivated Mondays along with writer, speaker, mountain bike rider and author of Backroads & Byways Of Arizona, Jackie Dishner. #MotivatedMondays is a culmination of inspirational notes, blogs and tips to help motivate and get other ready for each week after the weekend lull - or anytime.

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  1. Lorrie, I need to add this last paragraph in my #MotivatedMondays. Thank you for that bit of inspiration. BTW, I'm also a fan of watching other people succeed. And I'm having fun watching our new endeavor move forward as well.